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Polish Poetry and American Blues

The Club is determined to provide interesting ways to entertain and inform its members and Tucson’s community about Polish culture and to embrace other cultures as well. Recently we organized a couple of poetry and music events -- as the most recent one as an example--an evening of Polish Poetry and American Blues designed and organized by our Vice-President, Alicja Mann. That event took place at the friendly Elks Club on 10th of March 2018. Mary Radkiewicz, Ela Cichocka and Zofia Penrod made the welcome buffet for the event tasty, healthy, and visually attractive. Poetry chosen by Alicja was ably read by her, David Mountain, and Robert Casler. The Short Notice Blues Band music was a great complement to the Polish poetry. This special evening was a true success. See also - Love is in the Air

- by Lee Radziemski

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