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October Feast in Elgin

Elgin is defined as “a small town of the rolling high desert grasslands of southeastern Arizona.” It is positioned in the wine country of this region, but for us, the members of Arizona Polish Club, it is the place where two very valuable members - Heidi and Lucjan Kolodziejski - have made their home. On October 15th, 2016 they invited the entire Polish Club for a day of what they called a picnic, but in reality it was a feast! 

The weather was perfect that day - sunny but not hot. The house with the huge welcoming doors and charming interiors was very inviting, and the food prepared mostly by the tireless hosts, was as always terrific!

Everybody had great time. Some of us left their home so late that on the dark sky a full moon already pronounced its strong presence.


- by Alicja Mann 

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