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Pisanki for Easter

A tradition of coloring eggs, painting them, and making pisanki, the most intricate decorative designed eggs, is a part of an old tradition of celebrating Easter, which is the most important and festive religious holiday in Poland.


Easter is a spring holiday; a time of nature coming out of winter’s cold and full of darkness days, so it should be no surprise that coloring and decorating eggs originated in pre-Christian times of pagans celebrating that season of the year. Later the tradition of decorating eggs spread to various regions, especially Slavic countries like Poland, Ukraine or Belarus. In the United States the images of pisanki are associated most often with Ukraine. 

Our Polish Club was fortunate to be able to invite Ihor and Zenia Kunasz (both natives of Ukraine) to conduct their special workshop designed to guide participants in using their unique technique of making pisanki. All who took part in that project had a lot fun in making their own pisanki. We are planning to have Igor’s and Zenia’s workshop in our Club every year before Easter. 

- by Alicja Mann

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