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Visit to the Tucson Botanical Gardens

On the 28th of March this year, a group of APC members celebrated the arrival of Spring with a visit to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. 

It was one of the first truly springish days in our city after a long, and pretty cold (by Tucson’s standards) winter -- that winter even granted us a beautiful snow fall on the last day of February! Generally such snow occurs in Tucson pretty seldom -- only every 5 or 6 years. The weather that day in March was perfectly friendly -- plenty of sunshine, but not too high temperature yet. 


The Tucson Botanical Gardens was a very attractive place for this spring outing with a lot to see like the Butterflies exhibit, the Black Tulip photo exhibit, or just simply stroll around to encounter Robert J.Wick’s sculptures woven into the Garden’s attractive landscape. To end such visit with a tasty lunch at Café Botanica is a great treat!  And it was exactly how our group enjoyed that spring day. 


I am very sorry that I could not participate in that event as I planned! However, I truly believe that similar outings will become our APC tradition.


Please see the photos taken by our members Nadia Larsen and Iwona Anderson that illustrate so well our members’ visit to the Gardens.


- by Alicja Mann 

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