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APC Open House 2019

On May 11 this year, our Arizona Polish Club had another Open House, similar to last year’s, except this one focused on celebrating the 1919 historical reestablishment of Poland as an independent country. Between 1772 and 1795 Poland was repeatedly partitioned among the neighboring, powerful countries (Russia, Prussia and Austria) to the point of vanishing from the world’s map. Many years of uprisings and great struggles for Polish identity came to an end after the armistice on November 11, 1918 -- the end of World War I. In truth, Poland became internationally recognized and accepted as an   independent country in 1919 during the lengthy Paris Peace Conference where Poland’s fate represented a complicated and fascinating story. That is why we (APC) wanted to remind our own members and to inform our Club’s visitors about that important moment and to learn a bit more about Poland’s tragic history. Milton Schick volunteered to address this issue in his presentation at our Open House, and he did by focusing on the history of the Polish Constitution.


As always, our Club presented an excellent food spread for all, coordinated by Iwona Anderson. Several attractive door prizes, selected by Lee Radziemski, brought a lot of attention and fun. Just like last year, we had a silent auction with a wide variety of items relating to Poland, organized by Alicja Mann, Robert Casler, and David Mountain. The attendance at this year’s Open House was as good as last year, and our APC gained a few new members who seem to be ready for active participation in our Club. 


- Alicja Mann

Click on a photo, use the red arrows on the side to browse more, or click on the following link to see some video from the event!

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