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APC Open House

Our Club’s Open House on November 17th lasted from 1 to 5 PM and all enjoyed the variety of food items skillfully prepared by Mary Radkiewicz, Ela Cichocka, and Iwona Anderson.  A large plate of appetizers was contributed by Polish Cottage restaurant.  


Three sets of door prizes were awarded, with the winning cards randomly picked by six-year-old Eva.  Coincidentally, one of the winners she chose (without looking) was her mother Misan Francis. 


A successful silent auction was organized by Alicja Mann with the help of Robert Casler & David Mountain. The auction was populated by 30 interesting items, donated to the Club by members.  All items, but a few, were actually bid for and claimed. 


The highlight of that day was a demonstration of  Wycinanki (paper cutouts) by our member --Magdalena Nowacka-Janotta, an expert of that form of Polish folk art. 


Martha Swinen was --as always-- a very graceful Sargent of Arms of the event.

You can view an uTube video of the Open House taken by Nadia Larsen at the url  and see plenty of still photos taken by Alicja Mann and Nadia Larsen posted here.  

- by Leon (Lee) Radziemski

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