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Our Club has quite a few members who are true book lovers. Consequently, APC has a substantial library of Polish books available in both languages -- Polish and English. These books are quite unique and are very valuable. Our collection is, in fact, one of the largest of this kind in the western United States.


The Arizona Polish Club Library was established in February, 2008. The main purpose of founding the library was to prevent private collections of Polish books from being disposed of as trash. 

Initially, the ‘Polish Library’ was meant to become a primary resource for Polish language classes, book and movie clubs, as well as for Polish genealogical studies. Due to limited space, the founders did not consider including English and other publications that were not related to Polish or Polish-American cultures. They argued that books written in English or other languages were easily available outside of the Club premises. Despite that argument, members of the Club have kept donating books written in many different languages. It has generally been felt as a continuation of the multicultural legacy of the Club.


The APC library is dedicated to the greater understanding of cultural diversity, the protection and preservation of Polish-American heritage resources, and support of historical and literary research. 

Many books were catalogued and their covers were scanned so this large collection could be browsed on the internet. That was a big effort, and it is still a work in progress. Please visit out Club and enjoy brousing through this interseting collection of books yourself.  

-by Monika Glowacka Musial

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