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Fat Thursday

Fat Thursday in February each year is the day that people in Poland enjoy plenty of food, music, and dancing for the last time before the Lent starts. In fact this is a Polish way of ending Carnival, similarly to many European countries -- time of joyful social gatherings (after the New Year) for dinners & dancing parties. In the United Stated it is celebrated similarly in New Orleans, the city with a strong influence of French culture, but ...on Tuesday!  Most of this country celebrates the Winter Holidays, starting from Thanksgiving till the New Year’s celebration. After that it is time to go back to work again! Christmas colorful lights are gone, and there are no parties... till Valentine’s Day.


Fat Thursday is“fat” because traditionally (as mentioned above) it is a day of food, drinks, and music. It is a special day of pączki & faworki -- the very traditional sweets for that evening. However, they can add one or two inches into your waist line! Pączki are similar in texture to American donuts -- they are very rich, puffy, and filled with delicious marmalades. Faworki are quite different - delicate, fragile, deep fried sweet pastry that is very hard to resist and is pretty addictive! 


The best part of Fat Thursday? A lot, a lot of fun! Check our calendar and join us next time! 

- by Alicja Mann

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