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With the recent Coronavirus crisis effecting every corner of the globe, the APC is no different.

We want to make sure our members are safe and secure and healthy, so please call in advance to see if there are any changes in our upcoming events.

Upcoming Events in 2023

at 2:00 pm for Polish Movie “EO”

Previous Parties and Events - 2020 and older

Potluck and Financial Talk

March, 2020

We were sorry to have to cancel this event due to the Coronavirus.  We hope that we will be able to reschedule it with the rest of the APC events when the epidemic has passed. 


APC Art Talk

February, 2020

Peter DeWeerdt, accomplished painter and Polish Club member, gave a talk to the club about Polish art at the end of February.  It began with a  general overview of Polish art and its effect on the culture, and then focused on Jan Matejko, the most famous Polish Painter of the 19th century.  Matejko (1838- 1893) lived his whole life in Krakow and specialized in historical paintings, most notably about political and military events, making his work extremely important for Polish culture.  Click the button below to see his lecture in print!  


Elaine, our latest chief official, has been know as “President of the Plate” describing what goes on it and what goes into your mouth. 

She’ll tell you the difference between Budweiser and blood sugar. 

Actually, there isn’t much difference at all. Truth about food-plant to animals to chemicals—there’s a lot of information to know about yourself. And what you can do about it if you’ve gotten too friendly with food for too long. A lady with lots of knowledge and a great smile. 

HEALTH TALK_edited.jpg

On May 11 this year, our Arizona Polish Club had another Open House, similar to last year’s, except this one focused on celebrating the 1919 historical reestablishment of Poland as an independent country. Between 1772 and 1795 Poland was repeatedly partitioned among the neighboring, powerful countries.... 

APC Open house.jpg

On the 28th of March this year, a group of APC members celebrated the arrival of Spring with a visit to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. It was one of the first truly springish days in our city after a long, and pretty cold (by Tucson’s standards) winter -- that winter even granted us a beautiful snow fall on the last day of February!.... 



December, 2018

Our Wigilia celebration this past December was even better than in the previous year. It was an elegant event, well attended, and skillfully coordinated by Heidi and Lucjan Kolodziejski. Quite a few members prepared traditional meatless dishes for that festive, yet, sentimental...


APC Open House

November, 2018

Our Club’s Open House on November 17th lasted from 1 to 5 PM and all enjoyed the variety of food items skillfully prepared by Mary Radkiewicz, Ela Cichocka, and Iwona Anderson.  A large plate of appetizers was contributed by Polish Cottage restaurant...  

8)Wycinanki Audience ph AM .jpg

In the same spirit of unique entertainment our Club participates actively every year lately in the event entitled Dancing with the Trees taking place in spring around the Arbor Day at our members resident Alicja Mann/David Mountain residence - the event honoring the trees with poetry, music, dancing, and plenty of food of course!...

Pisanki for Easter

March, 2018

A tradition of coloring eggs, painting them, and making pisanki, the most intricate decorative designed eggs, is a part of an old tradition of celebrating Easter, which is the most important and festive religious holiday in Poland...

The Club is determined to provide interesting ways to entertain and inform its members and Tucson’s community about Polish culture and to embrace other cultures as well. Recently we organized a couple of poetry and music events -- as the most recent one as an example--an evening of Polish Poetry and American Blues....

Fat Thursday

February, 2018

Fat Thursday in February each year is the day that people in Poland enjoy plenty of food, music, and dancing for the last time before the Lent starts. In fact this is a Polish way of ending Carnival, similarly to many European countries -- time of joyful social gatherings (after the New Year) for dinners & dancing parties. In the United Stated...

Fat Thursday.jpg


December, 2017

In Poland there are two days of Christmas, December 25th and 26th, but the most important part of Polish Christmas is Christmas Eve - Wigilia. Wigilia supper, for which families and friends gather together, has a very special aura and sense of anticipation that is present the entire day...


One of the most significant (one of the bigest organized by this Club) events we sponsored in 2017 was the Celebration of the 150th Birthday Anniversary of Marie Sklodowska Curie. Why? To bring awareness to the general public that she, Marie Sklodowska Curie one of the greatest scientists of the world, was a daughter of Poland...

Davis–Monthan Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base located in Tucson. It has provided training to military pilots from allied nations and among them pilots from Poland. Arizona Polish Club had unexpected visit from a small group of them.The visit was not planned in advance because the pilots...

Love Is In The Air

February, 2017

On Friday, February 17th at 5pm Arizona Polish Club members had a usual potluck supper and after that around 6pm a special celebration of Valentine’s Day began - it just so happened - that that Friday was a Valentine’s Day!...

3)Mark and Lanny making music.jpg

Elgin is defined as “a small town of the rolling high desert grasslands of southeastern Arizona.” It is positioned in the wine country of this region, but for us, the members of Arizona Polish Club, it is the place where two very valuable members - Heidi and Lucjan Kolodziejski - have made their home. On October .....


Arizona Polish Club hosted a small festive event for children and adults -- a celebration of The PancakeTree book.The book is a whimsical and educational children’s book about the mesquite tree, a tree that often can be found in our own yards, but is not always appreciated for its value. The Pancake Tree was created by...

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