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Wigilia 2018

Our Wigilia celebration this past December was even better than in the previous year. It was an elegant event, well attended, and skillfully coordinated by Heidi and Lucjan Kolodziejski. Quite a few members prepared traditional meatless dishes for that festive, yet, sentimental evening.


We started by braking up and sharing a traditional Polish oplatek with others, along with warm Holiday wishes, while walking around and making sure that everyone was included.


After being seated at the festive tables we enjoyed delicious (and of course traditional) herring prepared by Heidi and followed by red barszcz authored every year by Pawel Musial. After that, we served ourselves from a tasty smorgasbord dominated by a variety of fish dishes, scallops potatoes, baked beans, salads and..., of course, beloved (labor intensive) Polish saladka that only a very few of us -- like Krysia Kmiec -- are able and willing to make.


After deserts our charming evening ended with singing Polish Christmas carols led by accordion music of Adam Kmiec with singing led by Joanna Schmit, Krysia, and other strong voices. We truly believe that this event is a MUST for each year.


For more information about Polish Wigilia look at the 2017 Wigilia event.


- by Alicja Mann 

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