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Arizona Polish Club

The Arizona Polish Club was founded in 1967 to promote Polish culture and to contribute to the cultural diversity of the United States. The goal of the founders of the Club was a preservation of Polish language and customs and it remains a mission of this Club today. We are strongly committed to bring awareness about Polish customs, literature, music, folk dancing, arts & crafts, and culinary traditions to the general public of Tucson, and this area.

More than half of a century of existence is a long time, and the Club has changed significantly. We had moved to different physical place - more central and more intimate. Our outreach into Tucson community is wider and very inclusive. 

APC organizes social gatherings, traditional celebrations, and cultural events: literary and musical events, movie shows, and simple lunch outings enjoyable socializing -- in person. Please try to join us in one of our events soon!

You are also very welcome to become a Member of APC or a Friend of the Club. Please note that one does not have to be of a Polish heritage or speak Polish language to join our Club.
All what is required from you is your interest in our culture! 

Many thanks for visiting our website. We would love to hear from you soon! - see the page Contact Us. 

Arizona Polish Club



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Tel: (520) 296-1886

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